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31 July 2009 @ 11:03 pm
Hello please monkeys!

In case you didn't know, my Coke of choice is the Cherry Coke. You would know this if you have ever been with me to 1. A Movie Theater or 2. Schlotzsky's because I always purchase a Cherry Coke at these establishments if I decide to purchase a beverage while I there. I do not drink the Cherry Coke often as it is bad for my teeth and also, difficult to find eateries, so it's like an awesome treat when I do find a place that has it readily available. Once, when I was out at Swanky's Tacos in G'town, I asked if they had the Cherry Coke. Sadly, they do not BUT the guy behind the counter said he could easily make me one using the grenadine from the bar. He then proceeded to make me an extra tasty Cherry Coke and I proceeded to think he was uber-hot. Unfortunately, I forgot which guy it was who made me the tasty Cherry Coke so now when I go in, I ask if they have Cherry Coke hoping that my uber-hot, Cherry Coke-making guy will be there and will offer again. Sadly, this occurrence has only been repeated once. But it's worth the asking for the sweet, sweet reward.

Tomorrow is Dad's birthday and a couple of weeks ago I asked he and Mom if they would like to go to TM's summer shows: Forbidden Booty and the Gary Beard Cabaret since I had heard Forbidden Booty was tres funny and I thought Dad would like the Gary Beard Cabaret cause it seemed pretty good last year. Plus, it was happening on the day before Dad's birthday so I thought that would be fun and festive. Well they seemed interested in Forbidden Booty but not really excited about the Gary Beard show. Dad told me "not to go to any trouble" and since it was going to be trouble for me to try and find someone to work the bar for me I figured I would just forget about it. They were coming to one show and we would all get to enjoy it together -- that should be plenty!

At about 2 p.m. on Friday my phone rings. It's Mom.

Mom: father has just asked me if we were going to the theatre tonight.

Hello_Mimi: Oh. So. I guess I need to get you guys tickets then.

This is not a problem except I am working so I won't get to watch the show with them. But I figure I can try and do something nice for Dad since I'm working. Dad always wants a Manhattan when he comes to the theatre, but of course we don't have the ingredients for a Manhattan. So after work I run out and buy some sweet vermouth, cherries and some grenadine because I have read online some folks like grenadine in their Manhattans instead of bitters. I also purchase some jelly beans for him to snack on, as Dad likes those as well and got some chocolates for Mom. In addition, I get him some ginger ale because I figure he might want something non-alcoholic as well and he likes Vernor's ginger ale. So I get to theatre and make them fun snack bowls and pull out two real glasses for their drinks.

Well just like I thought, Dad drinks one Manhattan and then moves to the ginger ale. I still have almost the entire bottle of grenadine and I suddenly remember the Swanky's Cherry Coke awesomeness. I make one for Mom and then one for myself. It is tres, tres yummy. Well then sweet Lauren P., my fab waitress for the evening asks for a Coke. I ask if she would like it to be a Cherry Coke. She says yes of course. I make her one and she agrees it is the bestest. Then Ashley wants a Diet Cherry Coke and she agrees it is fabulousness. After listening to us go on and on, McBooty says HE must now try the Cherry Coke. You can guess that he too had to agree that the Cherry Coke made with grenadine is DA BOMB. We all proceeded to have many, many Cherry Cokes and the world was good.

So it is now the end of the month and I didn't do so hot with the posting every day, but I did manage 16 posts so that's more than half so I'm feeling pretty good. AND I'M GOING TO TRY AGAIN NEXT MONTH! Yup, another month, another attempt at bringing you bloggy goodness once every 24 hours. What could be better?

MahNa MahNa my lovelies! I shall return tomorrow!

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Ahoy-hoy please monkeys!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine started out with me on the toilet. (Yup, it's gonna be one of THOSE kind of posts!) I went to see Forbidden Booty on Thursday evening with Cara and my parents and I hope y'all saw the show cause it was HILARIOUS. If you missed out, it will return in January. So there was laughing and drinking and merriment and silliness. Then I went home and played on the computer and did some laundry and was just about to go to bed when my tummy said NO! You will now feel like DEATH and you better run for the bathroom or be prepared to toss out your underwear. After much time in the bathroom where I really thought I was going to either die or end up passed out on the floor with the cat sleeping on top of me and the dog licking my face, I called my Mommy and begged her to come get me before Death returned to finish me off.

Is anyone still there? I thought not.

I actually felt better after my time in the bathroom but terrified that bad feelings would return so I slept on my parents couch and enjoyed my Mommy bringing me things. When I woke in the morning I decided that while I could have probably gone to work I would most likely be too weak to actually work so why not stay home? It has been incredibly slow this week, if there's a day to be sick, it would be last Friday. (Or today. Monday. Horribly slow and boring.) I called in sick and went back to bed. I did manage to pull myself together by showtime and worked the bar with my lovely waitresses Lauren P. and Cara. It was possibly one of the worst crowds EVER. People were mean and rude and complained about everything. Luckily, the group that complained the loudest and were the meanest tipped pretty well. Otherwise we would have had to rumble with them in the parking lot.

After the show I headed to Spin Street to pick up a gift for the TMLiz's baby shower. Cause don't you head to your local music store for baby shower gifts? I picked out a copy of They Might Be Giants' Here Come the 123s and no, I cannot make you a copy because I did not make myself a copy. Really. I considered it of course, especially since Liz and I have had the conversation about, "If you're giving your friend a CD and you know you're going to want to borrow it and make a copy of it, is it really wrong to go ahead and open it up and make a copy? I mean, you're just saving time!" But no, I decided if I really wanted it, I should get my own copy. Instead I purchased a copy of Kelly Clarkson's latest album for myself. Good stuff.

Saturday morning came bright and early and I was off to the grocery to buy fruit and cheese for the shower. I was all about some fruit and even more about some cheese. Four kinds of cheeses monkeys. Cheddar, Colby Jack, Swiss and the most awesome blend of White Cheddar, Swiss and Parmesan Cheese. So, soooo yummy. I then went and procured a copy of my favorite kid's book, The Monster at the End of This Book (CLASSIC!) and went by the mall and grabbed a chicken biscuit. Yes, I may be incredibly busy but I have my priorities straight and yes, I now have to go to the mall to get a chicken biscuit since my Chick-fil-a is being re-modeled. Suck.

Once I got home and enjoyed my biscuit I set out to chop up lots of fruit and cheese and y'all will probably never believe this, but nothing went horribly wrong. Really. There was no catastrophe! Perhaps I should specialize in cheese and fruit. Although I'm sure eventually I would cut off a finger. I then piled all my stuff in the car and headed off to TM to meet my favorite Heather and set up for the shower. Have I mentioned how glad I am that Heather was in charge? Cause if I had to think about too much stuff with this shower, I'm sure my head would have exploded. Whereas, I basically just helped set stuff up and knew where stuff was at the theatre. Lots of people came and hopefully had a good time. (Thanks y'all for coming!) There was lots of gifts and Heather even had a fun Bingo game and yummy cupcakes. (Not Muddy's, but still good.)

After everything was over and cleaned up I went home and collapsed. I then remembered that I was supposed to go to a Peppy's house. I was really not feeling up to it, but I knew I would probably never hear the end of it if I didn't show. So I went for about an hour and had food and marveled at the world of Peppy. Her dog is mighty cute. She could be a Mighty Dog. She's the right size for one of those cans of dog food.

Sunday I met up with Cara and we had brunch at Bosco's before going to see RENT at Playhouse. Brunch was a lot of fun. Cara knew the bartender so we each got a huge mimosa and my BFF Joyce Cobb was playing which was lovely. The show.....well, it wasn't horrible. I cried like I always do. But there were some serious mistakes with that production. Many things that were just WRONG. TRES, TRES WRONG. I will not list them all here cause it would take much too long. My friends in the show did a lovely job though.

After that I pretty much died. I went home and curled up with a copy of Q Magazine and watched the non-stop episodes of MASH on whatever channel that is that shows MASH over and over and over again on Sundays. And that was my weekend. I hope everyone had good adventures as well. This weekend is my Dad's birthday and next weekend my lovely niece Livy turns TWO!! Craziness!

Oh! In the midst of all that craziness on Saturday, I come home to find a Disney Princess gift bag sitting outside my kitchen door. Inside is the most lovely cake plate with pretty butterflies on it! It is a birthday gift from Mrs. Casey. The note inside says it is for my homemade cakes. To which I say, don't worry, I have not forgotten my promise of a homemade cake. Just don't go getting pregnant too soon, eh?

MahNa MahNa monkeys!

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Although let's face it monkeys, it's not really a secret that I'm a huge music dork. If you've been around me at all or read this blog for even a small amount of time you know I take music very seriously and it is a high priority. Y'all know I get ridiculously excited about discovering a new band or hearing a fabulous new song from an album whose release date I have marked on my calendar. I'm sure you think you've heard it all before but today I'm going to tell you the story of a mix CD.

NaNaNathan's birthday was Saturday, June 6. Seeing as we are both huge music dorks, a mix CD was required for the occasion. The only problem is that making NaNaNathan a mix CD is often like trying to nail jello to the wall. This is a guy who has ALL THE MUSIC. Seriously. ALL OF IT. (As evidence please see Figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.) This means it is almost impossible to make a mix that includes songs he hasn't heard. Occasionally, it is frustrating talking to him, cause when I mention a new band to him 99% of the time he says, "Oh yeah, I got their album. It's got a couple good songs."

Now to make things worse, I feel last year I cracked under the pressure and gave him a crappy mix for his birthday. I thought it was cute and it did have its moments, but upon reflection it was not my best work and certainly not memorable. Then to add insult to injury and to make the task feel beyond impossible, NaNaNathan sent me the. MOST. A-FUCKING-MAZING mix for MY birthday last year. So good it BLEW MY MIND. Songs that are SOOO perfect for me. Songs that make me come alive. Songs that make me cry. All together on one little CD that I often wish to hug close to my heart. It was like the music gods got together and made me a mix it was THAT FUCKING GOOD.

Okay, so, to review:

1. Impossible to send him new music.
2. Tanked on last year's bday CD.
3. Received extra-fucking-ordinary CD for my Bday.

Can you see the 1000lb bag of pressure I'm carrying on my shoulders? I thought so.

Ever since I got the amazing 2008 birthday mix I have felt the pressure of delivering on this year's birthday CD. This meant one thing: Start early. This means I started working on his 2009 birthday mix . . . in November 2008. Yes, that's right, NOVEMBER. A full SEVEN MONTHS before I would need to send him the CD. I didn't really mean to start so early. I stumbled upon an AWESOME song which reminded me of Nathan and so I had the great ephiphany of "This song MUST be on his birthday mix and it must be THIS VERSION of this song and I will take the title of my mix from this song and now I have my MUSE and now I have my VISION and now I have DIRECTION and...." well, you see where I'm going with that, right?

Now I've got the muse that gave me the vision and the direction and so there's no stopping me, right? Maybe. I am still feeling slightly deflated from last year's failure so I am cautious in thinking I cannot fail now. I must keep on the right path. I slowly gathered my songs and really, REALLY tried to focus on making a mix that would be right for NaNaNathan. Because while we pretty much love all the same stuff, we do have different tendencies so that a was a big consideration. In essence, I wanted to have more pop stuff as NaNaNathan IS pop music. (Actually I have figured out that the musical equation for NaNaNathan is Ben Lee + Josh Ritter. Don't ask me to explain that, just trust that I have figured out a "musical equation" for a person. Not his music taste mind you, but NaNaNathan, the person.)

Well I tossed in some pop music and some dance but what's funny is that despite my efforts, the mix ending up going in a completely different direction. I got my pop music, but I also had other things including a folk song and a twangy guitar song and where the hell did they come from? How would I even make that stuff fit in with the rest? Cause once I have all these songs, I've got to put them in some kind of order and make them flow. Here it is, months later, my deadline is looming and I've fretting over these songs that don't seem to fit the mold I have built and yet I find I can't let go of them because they seem too perfect to discard.

Because once I get the songs and I put them in order I must listen to them. I must listen to them over and over and over again. I've got to make sure the transitions are right. I've got to make sure all the songs really do fit together. Usually once I listen I discover a song I don't really like as much as I thought and it gets deleted. I'm pretty sure that happened this time. But the main thing I noticed upon listening was that I liked this mix. I slowly began to think, "Ya know . . . this is pretty good. This might be really good."

Listening again and again I really began to think I was right. But doubt began to set in again when it finally came time to finalize the mix and send it off. Because I realized that I had forgotten not one, but TWO songs I felt I had to include. TWO SONGS. Monkeys, that is a problem. But I found spots for both of them and gave it another listen and it still seemed to work. But these last minute changes made me nervous as I didn't have much time to listen to the mix and make sure the order was really okay. This is classic me. (Ask Mrs. PL!) I had seven months and in the end I'm still working right up to the last minute.

I mail off my mix and I wait. The waiting is the hardest part. (Kudos to those of y'all who got that.) But here's what you've been waiting to hear: He liked it. He liked it a LOT. Monkeys, he told me it's probably his favorite mix that I've made him. And then he said:

I don't understand how I spend all my free time searching the internet looking for new music and you send me a mix with, like, FIVE NEW SONGS from bands I've never heard of!


Who's happy? THIS GIRL.

Now my only problem is . . . how do I top it next year?

Yes of course I've already started on next year's mix! Two songs and counting . . .

MahNa MahNa.

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20 July 2009 @ 10:59 pm
Hello Please Monkeys!

Last Wednesday I'm getting ready to leave work to meet up with the Box Office Babes at Old Venice when the phone rings. Pickle answers it and tells me that Lauren R. is on the phone for me. While I ponder what Lauren R. might be calling me about Marc-E-Marc, who happens to be sitting in my office, gets all excited, picks up the phone and proceeds to do a HORRIBLE imitation of me. I'm sitting there thinking, "God I hope Lauren knows that's not me." He finally starts talking to her in his normal voice and he's all, "Oh my gosh, I haven't talked to you in so long, how are you? Blah, blah, blah..." and they talk for a few minutes before he gives the phone to me.

I get on the phone and the first thing I notice is the fact that I am not speaking to Lauren R. I'm talking to Lauren P. who I was expecting a call from since I had messaged her to ask her to work the cabaret. She is just back in town and is very interested in working. Hooray! Can I call her tomorrow with the schedule? Yes. Fabulousness! Love and kisses and all that junk. We hang up and Pickle, Marc-E-Marc and I all head for Old Venice. In the back of my mind I'm thinking two things:

1. I must have misheard Pickle when she said it was Lauren R. on the phone.
2. I didn't know that Marc-E-Marc knew Lauren P.

We get to Old Venice and meet several other Babes. We sit down. We're talking. We're drinking. Then for some reason, Marc-E-Marc gets on the phone. When he finishes his phone call he says something about Lauren not wanting to work the cabaret.

Hello_Mimi: What?!? She just told me she wanted to work! Are you talking my waitresses out of working?

Marc-E-Marc: No! She just said she didn't want to work.

Hello_Mimi: That's crazy! We just talked like 20 minutes ago and she was all for it!

Marc-E-Marc: I don't think so. She sounded really confused. First she thought I was talking about her working here and she told me she doesn't work here anymore. Then I told her no, I meant the cabarets and she said no she didn't think she was doing that.

Hello_Mimi: [Light bulb goes off.] Ummmmm . . . were you talking to Lauren R?

Marc-E-Marc: Yeah.

Hello_Mimi: Yeah . . . that wasn't Lauren R. on the phone earlier.

Marc-E-Marc: WHAT?!?

Hello_Mimi: That was Lauren P.

Marc-E-Marc: WHO?!? OH MY GOD!!!

Yeah, so Marc-E-Marc totally embarrassed himself in front of not one, but two Laurens. What's even more awesome is that he doesn't even know Lauren P. I can only imagine what she was thinking when he was talking to her on the phone:

"Who is this person? I think he thinks he knows me. I don't he does. That's fine. Let's just go with it. Yeah, it's great to talk to you too! Can't wait to see you soon whoever you are!"

Lauren P. is a good sport like that. I also wonder what poor Lauren R. was thinking when she heard that I had scheduled her to waitress at the theatre!!

What have we learned from this monkeys? Never trust Pickle when she tells you who's on the phone and never let Marc-E-Marc answer your phone.

Good night my lovelies!

MahNa MahNa.

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19 July 2009 @ 11:35 pm
Greeting Monkeys!

Yes, I know, I've been gone for several days. Blame J.K. Rowling. I decided to re-read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince since the movie was coming out last week. Well, it totally sucked me in and even though I told myself, "I won't read the last book again. I don't need to," once I got to the end of Half Blood Prince I was all, "How can I NOT read the last book? I mean, I might as well see it through to the end! It's only one book!" And so I was completely obsessed with the world of Harry Potter for most of last week. Deathly Hallows was actually better the second time I think. I had forgotten most of the book so there were still some "surprise" moments. I was actually tempted to go back to the beginning and read the first book again, but as I have a huge stack of new books waiting for me, I was strong and said no.

Meanwhile, it has been a GORGEOUS weekend, no? For those of you not in Memphis, the weather was so beautiful Saturday. The sun was shining, but it wasn't burning hot. There was a cool breeze blowing most of the day so you couldn't help but want to go outside and enjoy. I spent time mowing my lawn as I had been avoiding my yardwork since 1. I hate yardwork and 2. It's been deathly hot outside. But that brings me to the point of my post which y'all are going to find boring but I'm going to put it out there anyway: my new electric lawn mower.

Y'all might remember last year my parents and I had to buy a new lawn mower cause someone was nice enough to steal the old one. We had the new one a few weeks and then the new one was stolen. I think I had used it once. Needless to say, we were extremely upset and frustrated and as it was September, we decided not to buy another mower, but rented one instead. (Yes, you can evidently rent lawn mowers.) When spring rolled around this year we knew it was time to purchase another mower and amazingly, my dad agreed to purchase an electric one.

The reason I'm telling you this story is I really like this mower and so if you're considering a new one, you might consider an electric one. Yes, they are going to be a bit more expensive but you don't have to buy gas or oil for it. My mower has a cord and that wasn't included, so realize that if you buy a corded mower, you're also going to be buying a cord which cost us another $60. Yes, it is tough to get used to having a cord attached to your mower. It's like vacuuming your yard and if you have a big yard, I wouldn't recommend it. I also wouldn't recommend a cordless mower. I really wanted to get one, but all of the reviews I read about cordless ones were not good. The problem with those seemed to be the battery, which seemed to give out before folks finished mowing. So I figured for now, use a cord and maybe in a few years they will have improved on the cordless ones.

Things I like about this mower:

It's lighter than a gas mower. I can maneuver it with one hand. (Which is good, cause you'll need the other for the cord.)

It's quieter. True, no lawn mower is really "quiet" but I don't like loud noise. I always use earplugs when I use the mower and once, when I still had the gas mower, I forgot to put them in. I started the gas mower, it roared to life and I immediately jumped back because it was so loud it scared me. My electric mower is about as loud as a gas mower sounds with my earplugs in, so once I put on my earplugs, the electric mower is even quieter.

It is SO easy to start. Instead of yanking a chain you flip a switch. Simple.

Fabulous cushioned handle. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but trust me, it is. I like the cushioning so much that it took all my strength not to get angry after my brother used the mower and upon its return I noticed the cushioning was ripped!

Things I don't like about this mower:

The cord can be annoying, especially the first time you use it. If you have someone who can help you, I would suggest having them there to help with the cord the first time you mow. You sure don't want to mow over it since as I mentioned, ours cost $60 and that was the cheapest one we could get.

The place where the cord attaches is annoying. On lawn equipment that uses a cord, it usually has something where you loop the cord to make sure it doesn't get yanked out of the machine. The instructions for how to do this on the mower are extremely vague and I could never make it work like they said so the first time I used it, it kept coming unplugged from the mower. I eventually just looped the cord around the handle.

Those are the really the only things I don't like. We purchased a Homelite from Home Depot and looking at their website, they do not seem to carry the corded mowers anymore, just the cordless. But there's my thoughts, just in case someone out there is thinking about a new mower.

Okay, sorry for leaving you guys for several days and then boring the heck out of you. Promise not to do that again. Should be having a fun week. Tomorrow evening Mom & I have a date with Marc-E-Marc and his hubby, Shawn. We are going to see (500) Days of Summer at Studio on the Square. Should be good times. Thursday me and Box Office Babe Cara are going to see Forbidden Booty which is supposed to be hysterical, according to John McBooty. Cara and I also plan to go see RENT on Sunday. Hopefully we can get tickets. Also planned for this week: work. BLAH.

Hope you all had great weekends and fabulous Mondays!

MahNa MahNa.

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15 July 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Hello please monkeys! I'm gonna get this one in just under the wire!

Went to see Mat Kearney at Minglewood Hall tonight. Excellent show!

Matt Kearney @MinglewoodHall tonight. on Twitpic

(Click for a larger version & a few more picts.)

Promise to write more later, but as it is late and I still needs to do laundry, I'm outta here!

MahNa MahNa.

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14 July 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Here's a thought:

Why do people that you didn't get along with in high school seem to think that once they discover you on Facebook y'all should be friends? Have the years made these people forget that you hated them or that they hated you? Do they think, "Oh now we're adults! We should forget all that foolishness from high school!" Am I just ridiculously bitter? Is it really not that big a thing? I mean, I can't say I don't have some "friends" on FB that I'm not REALLY friends with. Plus it's not like I spend that much time there anyway. These people aren't really going to learn much are they?

But here's the thing: I don't hate any of the people I'm friends with. There are a few I should probably get rid of because I don't have any interest in seeing news about them. Whereas, these stupid people that I don't like who want to be friends with me . . . well I don't hate them, but I certainly don't think of them as friends and I have absolutely no desire to share any details about my life with them.

Now, I am willing to see the whole "That was a long time ago/we're all adults now/water under the bridge/people change/yada yada yada" argument that people might want to throw out. Maybe I am extremely immature in holding onto my feelings of anger, betrayal and general dislike. But really, if I didn't like you then, why in the fucking hell would I suddenly like you now? If I thought you were a psychopath who wished nothing more than to make me miserable, why would I toss myself back into the fire? I already have plenty of drama at the theatre. I don't need any more thanks.

I also realize this is a pathetic LJ post. But this is what is currently on my mind. One guy and one girl from my high school years who seem to think we are "friends" when in all honestly I want to tell the guy to fuck off and DIE and the girl . . . well I really want to point out that the guy in her profile photo, that I'm assuming is her husband, looks ubergay.

You know, sometimes I miss college but I sure as fuck don't miss high school.

MahNa MahNa.

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12 July 2009 @ 11:09 pm
Hello please monkeys!

Yes, I have once again missed TWO DAYS of the blogging. I have no good excuse other than life went and got busy. (If only I were gettin' busy! Sorry, couldn't resist!) Friday was the opening of Forbidden Booty -- btw if you happen to be in the B.O. check the computer and you'll see this is how the show is listed on the Sales Guide -- and I worked the bar with the lovely Marc-E-Marc. New Box Office Babe Heather was our waitress and we actually had a pretty good crowd. In addition, this was the evening that several of us were reminded that we are not worthy. You see, Luke the Hottie Hall is leaving us. He has decided to go back to school. So we are looking for someone to take his place and they had a candidate here for the weekend. He came to opening night and Peppy introduced him to all the IMPORTANT people. I don't fit into that category. Neither do Pickle Lips or McBooty or Marc-E-Marc. (And we all have the coolest names!!) But we did get to watch as other staff members were lovingly presented to this guy. It was a huge ego boost, let me tell you.

The show seemed to go over well. The bits I heard sounded pretty funny, so I hope you all try to catch it. The party afterward consisted only of champagne and yet people managed to stick around for a good 45 minutes. Once the party was over, McBooty and I had just enough time to head to Muddy's to grab a few cupcakes. (Snickerdoodles were on the menu this week!!) McBooty had never actually been there and I think the staff appreciated me bringing in a new recruit.

Saturday morning I had to go let our new weekend maintenance guy in since we haven't given him a key yet. We wanted to make sure he worked out first. So for several weekends my new routine has been to grab Lexy and a chicken biscuit and stop at the theatre to let James in. Only this Saturday I wasn't planning on getting a chicken biscuit. You might have heard, but I went on vacation recently and so I have low funds and put on a few pounds. (although I swear I didn't eat as much as I could have! honest!!) I had kinda decided to skip the chicken biscuit, especially since my usual Chicky-fil-a is closed for renovations. This means I have to go to the mall. (When? TODAY!) Not that I mind the mall, but the mall has no drive thru so I have to leave Lexy in the car and make the extremely long trip down the escalator to the food court. It's an awful lot of work first thing in the morning. But Pickle needed me to do it, so she convinced me by giving me $3.15 to pay for my food. Lexy and I got up, went to the mall and settled in at my desk. James arrived not long after that and then, who should come in but Peppy. Fifteen minutes after I did. I could have spit. She heard the whole discussion of someone needing to come and let James in and she NEVER offered to do it. I immediately packed up and left as I was rather furious and felt sure Peppy was going to try and get me to sell some tickets. Not gonna happen!!

I went home and did some yard work and then collapsed from the heat. After a lovely little nap I was up again and on my way to see Booty Dog Laughed at Circuit with Marc-E-Marc and his hubby, Shawn. It was HYSTERICAL. I hope everyone got to see it cause it was a laugh riot. Irene Crist was incredibly funny. It always amazes me how great she is in a comedy. The rest of the cast was great as well. After that I met McBooty and David for martinis and some gossip at SideStreet. They had just seen RENT at Playhouse and they said it was actually good. I do plan to try and catch it, but after watching it Tuesday night with two of the original cast members.....there was just no chance I was going to enjoy a local group doing it. Sorry!

Today has seen me working in the B.O. for the matinee and dealing with some seriously stupid people. I mean really, do they all pick a day to meet at the theatre? I got home and decided to start re-reading Half Blood Prince since the movie finally opens on Tuesday and it's been quite a while since I've read it. I believe I re-read all of the books just in time for the release of the final book. It's still good, but I fell asleep while reading it and nearly missed this year's B.B. Awards. (That would have been tragic, no?) They actually weren't that bad this year. I think everyone was having lots of fun. (I know Joel seemed to be! Smooches darling! ;)

And now I am home again and contemplating bed. It has been an extremely long weekend and now I have an entire week of work to deal with. Can't I go back to being on vacation in Florida? I do that really well. Doesn't someone want to hire me to do that? Please contact me immediately! I can start tomorrow!!

MahNa MahNa.

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Hello please monkeys!

Today's post is brought to you by KillieG, aka My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada. She has this fun game for me to play:

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people (or not) and include me. Try not to repeat a song title.

Pick Your Artist: U2 (Duh!)

Are you male or female: Lady With the Spinning Head

Describe yourself: Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl

How do you feel about yourself: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Describe your current boy/girl situation: Love Rescue Me

Describe where you currently live: Heartland

If you could go anywhere you wanted to go: The Ocean

Your favorite form of transportation: I Fall Down

Your best friend(s) is(are): The Sweetest Thing

Your favorite color is: Ultra Violet (Light My Way)

Favorite time of day: 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

If your life were a TV show, what would it be called: Trip Through Your Wires*

What is life to you: Out of Control

What is the best advice you have to give: Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

Thought for the Day: Some Days Are Better Than Others

How I would like to die: Another Time, Another Place

My soul's present condition: Running To Stand Still

*A small part of me wanted to put, One Tree Hill, cause I thought that would be kinda funny, except I hate that show.

MahNa MahNa.

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08 July 2009 @ 10:51 pm
Hello Please monkeys!

Yes, I have returned from Florida, despite my better judgment. Can I just take a moment to say, everything is prettier with palm trees. Interstate Loop? Gorgeous with palm trees! Airport? Fabulous with palm trees! The mall? Much more exciting with palm trees. When I run for mayor (Everyone else is doing it, why are we?) my platform will include palm trees. Palm trees and fountains. These things will make our city great. Really. Just vote for me, okay?

Anyway, that is not the point of this post. The point is my fave quote which is brought to you by....well many people and things coming together. As some of y'all have probably seen, there was a lovely picture of my boobs on Facebook, courtesy of NaNaNathan. I thought it was funny and so not only did I put it on the Facebook, but I made it my profile picture. Probably not wise, but I think we all know that quite often with me funny wins out over wise.

I think y'all also know, I don't love the Facebook. Quite frankly, Facebook can suck it. But since many of y'all love it, I put up with it. Also, my current obsession on Facebook is Bejeweled. (I may be about over Bejeweled because I seem to be sucking mightily lately, but that's another story.) Well if you've ever played Bejeweled on Facebook, you've seen there's a scoreboard on the side which lists your friends and their current high scores. Usually on my scoreboard you'll find fancycwabs as well as Wenders and her hubby, Daniel. Evidently I must show up on Daniel's scoreboard too because he asked Wendy the other day:

How come every time I play Bejeweled, I see Mimi's boobs?

The answer, of course, is that he's DAMN LUCKY. :)

It's good to be home monkeys! I missed you guys!

MahNa MahNa.

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